Creating people capability, developing learning strategy and sustaining a learning culture is now a strategic priority for every  professional. The Future Learning and Development Leader programme is aimed at helping Learning and Development professionals build a roadmap for the future by developing their core skills and power skills.

The core skills curriculum will cover the fundamental areas of learning – learning operating models, learning needs analysis, learning design, facilitation skills, and other modules directly relevant to the role and responsibilities of any professional

The power skills curriculum will cover the skills required to deliver impact – consulting skills, data analytics, project management and influencing without authority, which are critical skills complementary to the training and development function

The Future Learning and Development Leader Programme – Testimonials

What the participants had to say about how Future Leader programme actually helped them in their careers.

Who is this programme for?

  • Experienced professionals with 4+ years of experience in the corporate space who want to prepare themselves for the future in areas of training and learning and development
  • Professional trainers and facilitators, training consultants, training officers, instructional designers and learning technologists who want to broaden their skillset and get a holistic view of the learning and development function
  • Experienced professionals who are not in the space, but would like to move to areas within training and learning and development, such as facilitation or content design or take on roles as training managers
  • Entrepreneurs who are in the learning space, and are now looking to make a foray into the corporate world