International Student Call Centre has profound experience in providing call centre services to educational institutions. We leverage our experience in serving institutions – from Colleges to Public Universities – to provide you with quality contact centre services to handle the end-to- end communication needs of your educational community – the faculty, the staff, the students, their families, and prospects.



“On time Query resolution is the Motto of Global Student Centre’s International Student Call Centre Division”

Why Outsource Your Campus Call Centre Services to Global Student Centre?

Education call centres have become a crucial part of university and college campuses as they guide students and their families through enrolling, attendance, payments, and other procedures. As more and more educational institutions realize the importance of online education and shift towards it, the reliance of individuals upon campus education call centres thereby making it more important to handle queries and manage costs quickly and efficiently. Therefore, taking the help of BPOs in the education sector like Global Student Centre is a better solution. Not only will we spare you the headaches but also ensure that the outsourced tasks are streamlined and handled well while saving costs.

Flexible and Scalable Operations

Outsourcing to Global Student Centre saves you from the worries of hiring staff who only operate during admission seasons when the volume of incoming calls is high. We will scale up and down according to the volume of the calls and manage any fluctuations efficiently. Moreover, we can also help if you are looking for support in your outbound communication campaigns.

Streamlined Call Centre services with enhanced call resolutions

A major part of the complaints consists of high response and waiting times or offering inaccurate information. As a result, students and their families will call in multiple times to get their queries resolved. Although they are eventually getting to a solution, the approach is not hassle-free. By outsourcing to Global Student Centre, you will partner with a team that is well-experienced in handling several customers and will offer consistency in the answer and solutions that are being delivered. Higher education call centre teams like ours are well-trained to listen actively to the queries and offer the right solutions. This helps to create positive experiences for the callers.

Robust Data

Most of the in-house call centres lack the time and resources to evaluate the data collected at the call centre. But analytics is crucial to measure the performance of the call centre and aim at being more responsive and efficient. Global Student Centre have the technology and tools necessary to understand the data and derive critical insights from it. Once you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your services, you can use them to improve the overall student experience and satisfaction.

Personalized Caller Experience

               Sometimes, educational institutions take on the task of handling a call centre in-house with the aim to create a personalized experience for their students. But what happens instead is they risk overspending trying to get all the complicated call centre procedures in order. Global Student Centre helps boost cost savings and improve customer experience not just because we own the right tools and technology but also due to our experience and efficiency in the implementation of resources.


International Student Call Centre has years of experience helping clients identify areas for improvement through offshore customer satisfaction surveys. Our invaluable experience can help you get objective, accurate and precise evidence of how satisfied your customers are with your services.

Give us the purpose and leave the rest to us. We will determine your target audience, develop the guidelines, identify the vehicles, design the questions, and set the benchmarks for you so that you get what you want on a platter. And there is more! We arm you with powerful insights with our customer satisfaction survey for consulting services to help you pick the right strategy.