Characteristics of a Sales-Driven Website Design
The success of your online business hinges on how good or bad your website design is. With so much emphasis on the way your website looks, it’s important to understand how each element in your website works towards the main goal of getting more sales.

With fickle consumer memory and lots of options offered by competitors, a great website design is what sets your business apart. Walking the fine line of using the best design practices, our team of expert designers ensures industry standards are never compromised while creating world class designs that are as unique as your business.

Giving your customers what they want and at the right time takes some doing. Creating a seamless user experience includes creating an intuitive web design that makes navigating the website a breeze. Our designers spend endless hours creating a custom design approach that gives your customers an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Having precise, meaningful content on your website gives it the advantage to outrank your competitors in search results. With conversion-focused CTA’s and compelling content, our expert copywriters give your website the edge when it comes to sales and conversions.

Your website should be the primary source of all your leads and we deploy all the techniques to get you the desired web traffic. From Search Engine Optimization to Email Marketing to in-depth trend analysis, our experts leave nothing to chance to give your business the maximum advantage.

Our Custom Website Design Services
As part of our custom web design services, Global Student Centre offers you the most experienced team, no matter what industry niche your business belongs to. With the aim to create a never-before-seen website, we help you pick and choose the best service that you require.



Why Do Our Clients Love Our Professional Web Design Services?
Having more than 15 years of experience behind our work, we have delivered hundreds of websites that have given small businesses all over the world the power to create a steady revenue stream. As a client, you will love us because:

Professional web design services have no room for the cookie-cutter approach. Our experts take the time to understand your needs and then offer solutions that best fit your budget and requirements.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to having the best minds working on your project. A dedicated team of professionals is assigned to your account and their sole responsibility is to create a website that exceeds all expectations.

Your dedicated team works like a unit under one point of authority, the Project Manager. With regular reports and meet-ups, you are always up to speed with the development of your project.

A transparent style of functioning gives us the advantage to have your approval before commencing with any changes. This creates a level of confidence that helps us deliver to our maximum potential.

How Do We Build Professional Website Designs that Boost Your Business?
Your website is the first interaction your customers will have with your business.

Professional website design services help create that lasting impression the moment a prospect sees your website.

What does this mean for your business?
Custom website design can directly translate into a better user experience which creates more lead opportunities and helps create more revenue.

With Global Student Centre as your website design company, you get a customized approach that gives your business the boost it deserves.

Our web design process includes:
Learn and Research
We understand all businesses are unique and so are their requirements. As your web design company, we take the time to know your business better. Understanding the intricacies of how your niche functions, what your competitors are doing, and what your customers expect. This gives us the advantage of creating a website that gives your clients an experience like no other.

SEO Research & Copywriting
Our in-house team of SEO analysts creates a comprehensive list of competitors. Armed with this information we perform in-depth SEO research that gives us the focus keywords. Our team of experienced copywriters then create content around these keywords and seamlessly fit it into the new design of your website.

Website Design Mockup
With the web design process now in full swing, our team creates a design mockup to get a better sense of how things are shaping up. This design mockup is shared with the clients through the prototyping application ‘Invision Studio’ where comments and feedback can be shared effortlessly and help our designers tweak the website design for further improvement.

Website Development
Now begins the part where your website comes to life. All the elements of web design and coding come together to create the masterpiece that is your website. A secured dev environment is used to create the web pages and comprehensive testing is done to get all the bugs out of the way before the website is made live Make the

Website Live
Only when the clients are satisfied with the website design and the testing is done, we make the website live